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Download/digital purchases -

Currently, twenty-three of Jim's albums can be downloaded from various suppliers such as Amazon (U.S.A), iTunes and Bandcamp. Please click on your album(s) of choice below to see availability options. The price of downloading Jim's albums and individual tracks vary from supplier to supplier. So, either use your favourite supplier or check each supplier prior to purchasing any music. Also note that downloads can also be purchased from various Amazon sites around the world including UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan, however links to these sites are not provided on Jim's website.

Physical album purchases -

Jim's albums are be available for physical purchase from various world-wide sources including Compact Disc Services (Dundee, Scotland), Red Eye Records (Sydney, Australia), Rocking Horse Records (Brisbane, Australia), Lloyd Barde Productions (USA) and from Jim's website. NOT ALL albums will be available from each of these sources. Please click on your album(s) of choice below to see availability options. Jim recommends that, for the purchase of physical albums, buyers from Australia and New Zealand purchase direct from Red Eye Records or Rocking Horse Records or Jim's website (Paypal) (where applicable); buyers from the USA purchase direct from Lloyd Barde Productions; and buyers from UK, Europe and the rest of the world purchase direct from Compact Disc Services, to SAVE on postage costs.

The following Jim Ottaway albums may be available for purchase from the different sources noted above:

The following Jim Ottaway albums/EPs are now available for purchase from Jim's website (Paypal):

To place an order click on the relevant album cover above.

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Purchasing direct from Jim's website:
Albums available for purchase from Jim's website are priced in Australian dollars (AUD). Postage and handling is included in the album price. You do not have to have a Paypal account to use Paypal. You are given a choice to log into your Paypal account or pay by credit card without having to sign up to a Paypal account. Depending on when your order is lodged with Paypal, please allow 7-14 days for packing and delivery within Australia and 14-21 days for international orders. If you have any difficulties using the Paypal facility please contact Jim via Contact Me in the menu.

Please use the Contact Me menu item if you want any further information.

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