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Somewhere In-Between

1. Dawn Of Time (6:39)
2. A Dream Within Reach (5:59)
3. One True Vision (6:08)
4. Chosen Place (5:02)
5. Fire Of Truth (5:26)
6. Sacred Ground (6:00)
7. Carried In My Heart (6:11)
8. Lost World (7:06)
9. Winds Of Promise (6:58)
10. Somewhere In-Between (4:39)
11. Shores Of Eternity (7:19)

Total playing time: 67:27

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Media: CD (gatefold wallet)

Catalogue Number: GR-12

CD release date: 24 June 2022

Category: Electronic

Original album notes:

Composed, performed and produced by Jim Ottaway

All tracks were composed and recorded by Jim Ottaway between March 2008 and April 2022. Mixed and mastered by Jim Ottaway March/April 2022.

Equipment and software used for this production includes: RME Fireface 800, Studio One, Korg Karma, Yamaha MX49 and various VSTs.

My thanks to Fr Reg Mills and Kevin Underwood (both living in eternity).

Sometimes you find yourself... somewhere in-between... heaven and earth.

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