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Life is music!

I am an Australian composer, producer and studio performer of original instrumental music covering many genres including space ambient, electronic, dance, new age, relaxation and music for film and television.

From a young age, I have always loved listening to music. Music is a major part of my life. Life is music!

My major musical influences include Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese, Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Enigma, Johannes Schmoelling, Christopher Buckman, Tony O'Connor, Christopher Franke, Lisa Gerrard, Code Indigo, Gary Wright, Steve Winwood and Radio Massacre International.

I have been fortunate to work with a few internationally successful musicians including Rick Fenn (10CC), who provided guitar solos on two of my tracks, 'Takin' the Time' and 'Interlude', and Ted Ottley, international composer and author, with whom I have just completed a challenging recording and production project. Ted along with Scottish pianist Alan Park (Beggar's Opera/Cliff Richard) and Australian synthesist Christopher Buckman have provided me with invaluable advice and support, and much encouragement, over the last 10 years.

Since 2004 I have released over 30 independent albums in Australia… commencing with my first release 'First Light', a light relaxing ambient album (my most popular release in Australia to date), culminating in my recent albums 'Invisible Vortex' (2015), 'Southern Cross' (2016), 'Timeless e-Motion' (2017), 'Deep Space Blue' (2017), 'Yesterday Passing' (2018), 'Beyond the Purple Sun' (2019), 'Beautiful Desolation' (2019), 'When Eternity Touches Time' (2020), 'Threshold of the Universe' (2021), 'Somewhere In-Between' (2022) and 'Infinite Universes' (2023). 'Infinite Universes' is my eighteenth international release. Click here to view my music catalogue and to stream music from my international albums.

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In 2023 I was awarded a Schallwelle Award in the 'Der eigene Weg' (Your Own Way) category, i.e. independent musicians, at the 15th Annual Schallwelle German Electronic Music Awards for 2022. The awards were announced at a live ceremony in Kolpinghaus Bochum-Wattenscheid, Germany. At the Schallwelle 2023 Awards I was named in the Top 20 for the 'K√ľnstler international/Best Artist international' category.

Three of my albums have been awarded Zone Music Reporter Awards in New Orleans, USA. At the 17th annual awards (2020) 'When Eternity Touches Time' was awarded Best Electronic Album and at the 14th annual awards (2017) 'Timeless e-Motion' was awarded Best Electronic Album and 'Deep Space Blue' was awarded Best Ambient Album. Both 'When Eternity Touches Time' and 'Deep Space Blue' were also nominated for Album of the Year in the respective years.

During 2016 'Southern Cross' was awarded a Silver Medal at the 2016 Global Music Awards in the USA. In 2017 'Southern Cross' and 'Invisible Vortex' received nominations in the Zone Music Reporter Awards and One World Music Awards for music released in 2016. 'Deep Space Blue' was awarded a Silver Medal at the 2017 Global Music Awards. 'Deep Space Blue' has also been nominated for Best Electronic Album in the One World Music Awards for music released in 2017. In 2019 'Yesterday Passing' received a nomination for Best Electronic Album in the Zone Music Reporter Awards (2018). In 2020 'Beyond the Purple Sun' received two nominations for Zone Music Reporter Awards (2019)... Album of the Year and Best Ambient Album. In 2020 'Beautiful Desolation' received a nomination for Best Ambient Album in the 7th Annual One World Music Radio Awards (2019). In 2022 'Threshold of the Universe' was awarded 3rd place in the Best Electronic Album category in the 9th Annual One World Music Radio Awards (2021). In 2023 'Somewhere In-Between' was awarded Outstanding Electronic Album at the New Age Music Planet 2023 Grand Prix Awards. In 2024 'Infinite Universes' was awarded Best New Age Ambient Album at the New Age Music Notes Radio (USA) Awards.

Since 2010 twenty-six of my tracks have been chosen as finalist in various Australian music/songwriting awards including 'The Long Haul' and 'Out of the Darkness (Instrumental)' which were awarded 5th place and 7th place respectively in the Instrumental Category of the 2015 Australian Songwriting Awards (ASA); 'Live the Dream' which was awarded 4th place in the Instrumental Category of the 2014 ASA and 'Sojourn' and 'Oh Baby... Yeah!' Top 4 finalists in the Electronic/Dance category of the 2010 Q Song Awards and the 2011 Queensland Music Awards.

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