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Beautiful Desolation

1. Apocalyptic Signs (29:41)
2. Beautiful Desolation [Angels & Demons] (29:52)
3. Bonus Track: Apocalyptic Signs [Radio Edit] (6:01)
4. Bonus Track: Beautiful Desolation [Angels & Demons] [Radio Edit] (6:05)

Total playing time: 59:33
Total playing time (including Bonus Tracks): 71:39

**Limited Release**

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Media: CD-R (plastic sleeve) / Download

Catalogue Number: RTI-1

CD release date: 21 November 2019

Category: Ambient

Original album notes:

Both tracks are real-time improvised dark ambient soundscapes recorded live in my home studio on the Gold Coast, Australia on 9 November 2019. These tracks were recorded while reflecting on a challenging and life-changing event that occurred exactly one year earlier.

Cover photography courtesy of Bern and Paul Skelly. Additional graphics by Jim Ottaway.

Additional notes:

'Beautiful Desolation' debuted at #74 on the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Chart for November 2019 and jumped to #32 on the December 2019 chart. On the January 2020 chart it dropped to #35, to #37 on the February 2020 chart and then to #47 on the March 2020 chart.

'Beautiful Desolation' received a nomination for Best Ambient Album in the 7th Annual One World Music Radio Awards for 2019.

'Beautiful Desolation' received a nomination for Best Ambient Album in the 17th Annual Zone Music Report Annual Music Awards for 2020.

Reviews: "...raw, beautiful and full of deep expression"... "...dark and infinitely intriguing without a doubt"... "perhaps Ottaway at his finest.". Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews (Perth, Australia). Click here for the full review and reviews of my albums.

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