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1. Sweet Philly Soul (T.S.O.P) (3:33)
2. J-im-azz (3:25)
3. Soul Searchin' (3:29)
4. Returning (Groove Mix) (4:20)
5. Cool as! (3:31)
6. Feelin' So Good (2012 Mix) (5:50)
7. Blitz (4:37)
8. Lonesome Cowboy (3:09)
9. Get in the Groove (3:12)
10. New Beginnings (2012 Mix) (4:38)
11. Revelation (2012 Mix) (5:07)
12. Sweet Philly Soul (T.S.O.P) (Extended Mix) (4:23)
13. Returning (Single Edit) (3:35)
14. Chill (2012 Mix) (4:39)

Total playing time: 57:44

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Media: CD-R

Catalogue Number: GR-6

CD release date: 2012

International release date: January 2016

Category: Electronic / Dance / Pop / Rock / Jazz / Country

Original album notes:
Thanks to Lindi Milbourne for selected voice recordings on 'Feelin' So Good' and 'Sweet Philly Soul (T.S.O.P)'.

Additional notes:
This album contains new tracks and some remixes of some old tracks.
Tracks 4 and 13 are remixes of one of the scores composed for the short film 'Returning'.
'Cool as!' and 'Sweet Philly Soul (T.S.O.P)' were finalists in the 2012 Australian Songwriting Awards in the Instrumental category.
'J-im-azz', 'Cool as!' and 'Sweet Philly Soul (T.S.O.P)' were finalists in the 2013 Australian Independent Music Awards in the Instrumental category.
The new album cover includes the note: Photography by Jim Ottaway.

Original album cover:
Blitz - original

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