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1. Going for Broke (3:38)
2. Counting the Falling Stars (5:49)
3. This is it (4:33)
4. More than Time (4:57)
5. Live the Dream (3:38)
6. World of Illusion (5:17)
7. Native Legend (Part 1) (5:23)
8. Full Power (4:23)
9. Rhythm and Grooves (4:57)
10. Native Legend (Part 2) (5:59)
11. Be Happy (Live for Today) (Instrumental Version) (4:54)
12. This is it (Extended Version) (5:28)
13. More than Time (Extended Version) (11:37)

Total playing time: 1:10:40

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Media: CD (standard jewel case)

Catalogue Number: GR-7

CD release date: 2013

International release date: January 2015

Category: Electronic / Dance / Pop / Rock

Original album notes:
'Live the Dream' is dedicated to Edgar Froese and Tangerine Dream. Thanks for the inspiration!
Track 11 is taken from the 'Be Happy' CD-R single (cdr-s-6) which includes vocal mixes of this track.
Cover photography and design by Jim Ottaway.

Additional notes:
This album contains extensive liner notes and two photographs on the inside of the cover.
The vocal version of 'Be Happy (Live for Today)' was an 2013 Australian Independent Music Awards finalist in the Pop category.
'Live the Dream' was awarded 4th place in the Instrumental Category of the 2014 Australian Songwriting Awards and 'More than Time' was chosen as a Top 30 finalist in the same category.
This album was originally released as a CD-R in late 2013. The CD version was released on 1 January 2015. The track listing remains the same.

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