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Another Christmas Eve

1. Another Christmas Eve (5:14)
2. Sojourn (2016) (5:32)
3. Enlightenment (Radio Edit) (5:19)

Total playing time: 0:16:05

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Catalogue Number: S-8

CD release date: 3 November 2016

Category: Electronic/Ambient

'Another Christmas Eve' was originally composed and recorded on 24 December 2004. This version was recorded and mixed between 28 December 2015 and 31 October 2016 using Studio One, Korg Karma, Presence, Omnisphere, SynthMaster and Studio Drummer. 'Sojourn (2016)' is a re-edit/remix of the track from my album 'Chill Factor'. This version also includes some new recordings added in 2016. 'Enlightenment (Radio Edit)' is an edit of the 27 minute track from my 2005 Australian album 'Enlightenment'.

Photography and graphics by Jim Ottaway.

Additional notes:

'Another Christmas Eve' debuted at #27 on the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 for December 2016.

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