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Deep Space Blue (The Radio Edits)

1. Astral Voices [Radio Edit] (5:01)
2. In Search of the Lost Star [Radio Edit] (5:51)
3. 39.5 Light Years [TRAPPIST-1] [Radio Edit] (5:43)
4. Stars of Ice [Radio Edit] (5:14)
5. Deep Space Blue [Radio Edit] (5:46) VIDEO
6. Interplanetary Panspermia [Radio Edit] (5:57)

Total playing time: 33:35

**Limited Release**

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Media: CD-R (plastic sleeve) / Download

Catalogue Number: RE-2

CD release date: 7 April 2018

Category: Ambient

Original album notes:

All tracks edited by Jim Ottaway in June 2017. The original versions of these tracks are included on the album 'Deep Space Blue' (M-11).

Additional notes:

This album was originally produced for DJs and radio show hosts to accommodate shorter track time requirements.

Equipment & software used for this production includes: RME Fireface 800, Studio One, Korg Karma, acoustic guitar, & various VSTs including Omnisphere, SynthMaster, Spire, Alchemy, Ethera, Massive, Goliath, Evolve Mutations, Morphology, Scoring Guitars, Symphonic Choirs & Reaktor.

Graphics and design by Jim Ottaway.

Panspermia... the hypothesis that life exists throughout the universe, distributed by meteoroids, asteroids, comets, planetoids, and also by spacecraft in the form of unintended contamination by microorganisms.

TRAPPIST-1 (2MASS J23062928-05022851) is an ultra-cool dwarf star that is slightly larger but much more massive than the planet Jupiter, located 39.5 light-years from the Sun in the Constellation Aquarius.

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