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Heaven's Dreaming

1. Full Moon (7:55)
2. Zeta Aurigae (10:23)
3. Upsilon Andromedae (6:29)
4. Stellar Wind (9:46)
5. Orion (9:28)
6. Space (7:36)
7. Dawn (7:11)
8. Proxima Centauri (11:14)
9. Pink Light from the Moon (5:19)

Total playing time: 1:15:35

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Media: Download

Catalogue Number: NA

Album release date: 11 February 2016

Category: Space ambient

'Heaven's Dreaming' is a download album issued by Ultima Thule Ambient Media (UTAM). The nine tracks included on this album are taken from the albums 'Liquid Moon', 'Orion' and 'Centauri'. The track 'Full Moon' is an alternate title to the original 'Four Phases of the Moon (Part 3 - Full Moon)'. The track 'Dawn' is an alternate title to the original 'Lunar Sunrise (The Light Side of the Moon) (Part 1 - Dawn)'. Album concept and design by George Cruickshank (UTAM).