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1. Aquilla (7:36)
2. Upsilon Andromedae (6:28)
3. Steller Wind (9:44)
4. Frozen Star (13:40)
5. Orion (9:27)
6. Aphelion (8:12)
7. Space (7:35)
8. Voice of Pleiades (10:26)

Total playing time: 1:13:20

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Media: CD-R

Catalogue Number: M-4

CD release date: 2008

International release date: January 2016

Category: Space ambient

Original album notes:
Composed, performed and produced by Jim Ottaway.
Thanks to Doug Nix for 'the voice' on Track 8.

Additional note:
The new album cover includes the note: Photography by Jim Ottaway.

Reviews: "gorgeous cosmic explorations"... "a worthy addition to any space synth music collection"... "an almost early Tangerine Dream styled bubbly synth undercurrent"... "It's truly got what many call an 'analogue warmth' to it, but one that seems to stand above many others in its field". Andy Garibaldi, Dead Earnest (Dundee, Scotland, UK). Click here for the full review and reviews of my albums.

Original album cover:
Orion - original

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