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Yesterday Passing

1. Distant Friend (3:22)
2. Lightning Strikes Twice (5:53) VIDEO
3. A Moment in Time [Song for Joseph] (4:42)
4. Back in Time (4:44)
5. The Jewel (5:32)
6. Yesterday Passing (3:51)
7. New Suns Are Rising (5:13)
8. The Day Our World Changed (4:09)
9. Captured Memories [Doug's Song] (4:07)
10. What Darkness Hides (5:13)
11. Simplicity (3:34)
12. Angel's Song (3:42)
13. Fun Times (5:38)
14. Another Christmas Eve (5:12) VIDEO (2020 Remix)

Total playing time: 64:58

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Media: CD (gatefold wallet)

Catalogue Number: GR-10

CD release date: 1 May 2018

Category: Electronic

Original album notes:

The tracks on ‘Yesterday Passing’ were recorded, mixed & mastered by Jim Ottaway between May 2014 & March 2018. The bonus track, 'Another Christmas Eve', was originally composed on 24 December 2004. This version was recorded & mixed between December 2016 & March 2018.

Equipment & software used for this production includes: RME Fireface 800, Studio One, Korg Karma, Yamaha Motif-Rack ES, Yamaha MX49 & various VSTs.

Thanks (Fr) Reg & Kevin.

Graphics and design by Jim Ottaway.

'Yesterday Passing' captures my thoughts & emotions about my past... wonderful memories of family & friends... fun times & sad occasions... & the simplicity of older times.

Additional notes:

'Yesterday Passing' received a nomination for Best Electronic Album at the 15th annual Zone Music Reporter Awards (2018) in New Orleans.

'Yesterday Passing' debuted at #47 on the One World Music Radio Top 100 chart for May 2018 and rose to #12 on the June chart. It dropped two places to #14 on the July 2018 chart and a further place to #15 on the August 2018 chart.

'Yesterday Passing' debuted at #19 on the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 chart for May 2018. The album climbed to #12 on the ZMR June 2018 chart and dropped back to its debut position of #19 on the July 2018 chart. The album dropped to #53 on the August 2018 chart and then to #56 on the September 2018 chart. The album rose again on the October chart to #47 and then dropped to #91 on the November 2018 chart. It rose once again to #72 on the December 2018 chart, dropped to #91 in January 2019 and rose once again to #75 on the February chart.

Six tracks from 'Yesterday Passing' have been chosen in the Top 30 finalist list in the Australian Songwriting Awards (Instrumental Category)... 'SIMplicity' in 2015; 'A Moment in Time (Song for Joseph)' in 2016, 'Angel's Song' in 2017; and 'Lightning Strikes Twice', 'The Jewel' and 'What Darkness Hides' in 2018.

'Yesterday Passing' was featured on One World Music Radio's Album Show during July 2018. You can listen to me talking about the album by clicking on the link below. The tracks featured in their entirety are 'Lightning Strikes Twice', 'New Suns Are Rising' and 'What Darkness Hides'.

In December 2020 a remixed version of 'Another Christmas Eve' was released on YouTube. Click on the link in the track listing above to view the video on YouTube.

The Album Show - 'Yesterday Passing' (Mixcloud)

Reviews: "...strong melodies and catchy rhythms"... "...not only beautiful, but is thoroughly enjoyable from the first note to the last.". Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano (USA). Click here for the full review and reviews of my albums.

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