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Timeless e-Motion

1. Sequence of Life (4:03)
2. Timeless e-Motion (8:06)
3. Skies Rain Down (5:23) VIDEO
4. Reality's Edge (4:36)
5. Blurred Vision (6:28)
6. Game Over (4:23)
7. Behind Closed Eyes (4:47)
8. Desperate Measures (3:55)
9. Towards the Unknown (4:07)
10. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (4:31)
11. Evolutionary Phase (5:32)
12. Cosmic Shift (4:00)
13. Bonus Track: Timeless e-Motion (Radio Edit) (5:10)

Total playing time: 1:05:01

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Media: CD (digipak)

Catalogue Number: GR-9

CD release date: 1 January 2017

Category: Electronic

Original album notes:

The tracks on ‘Timeless e-Motion’ were recorded, mixed & mastered by Jim Ottaway between November 2013 & October 2016.

Equipment & software used for this production includes: RME Fireface 800, Studio One, Cubase, Korg Karma, Yamaha Motif ES & various VSTs including Omnisphere, SynthMaster, Spire, Alchemy, Clara's Vocals, Dark Planet, Massive, Goliath, ART Pyrite, Plutonia, Zebralette, Ceredrum, Cubix, Drumburst & Maschine Drum Selection.

Thanks Kevin & Reg.

Life is a journey of... Timeless e-Motion.

Photography, graphics and design by Jim Ottaway.

Additional notes:

'Timeless e-Motion' was awarded the Best Electronic Album award at the 14th annual Zone Music Reporter Awards (2017) in New Orleans on 12 May 2018.

'Timeless e-Motion' debuted at #6 on the One World Music Radio Top 100 Chart in January 2017 and remained at #6 in the February chart. It dropped to #11 in March 2017 and then #31 in April 2017. The album rose up the chart again in May 2017 to #12 and dropped to #29 in June and to #44 in July. It rose once again to #38 in August 2017 and then dropped to #74 in September 2017. Once again it rose to #62 in October.

'Timeless e-Motion' debuted at #28 on the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 for December 2016; rose to #14 on the January 2017 chart and dropped to #15 on the February chart and #23 on the March 2017 chart. It dropped to #36 on the April 2017 chart and remained at #36 on the May chart. It dropped to #64 in the June 2017 chart. The album remained on the chart for the 8th consecutive month at #91 in July 2017. 'Timeless e-Motion' re-entered the June 2020 chart at #99.

'Skies Rain Down' has been chosen in the Top 30 finalist list in the 2018 Australian Songwriting Awards (Instrumental Category).

'Timeless e-Motion' was featured on One World Music Radio's Album Show during January 2017. You can listen to me talking about the album by clicking on the link below. The tracks featured in their entirety are 'Timeless e-Motion', 'Skies Rain Down' and 'Desperate Measures'.

The Album Show - 'Timeless e-Motion' (Mixcloud)

An extended mix of 'Skies Rain Down' titled 'Skies Rain Down (Monsoon Mix)' was released on 17 June 2020 on Bandcamp. It features a new mix and additional recordings. The single charted on the One World Music Radio (UK) Top 50 Singles Chart for November 2020 at #19. You can listen to and/or purchase the track below.

Reviews: "electronically sublime"... "eight plus minutes of electronic bliss"... "mysterious, yet incredibly powerful"... "Ottaway's best so far". Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio (Cyprus/UK). Click here for the full review and reviews of my albums.

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