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Radio Edits 1

... from the album 'Southern Cross' (2016)
1. Alpha Crucis (Radio Edit 1) (7:26)
2. Alpha Crucis (Radio Edit 2) (4:58)
3. Gamma Crucis (Radio Edit) (8:16)
4. Epsilon Crucis (Radio Edit 1) (7:35)
5. Epsilon Crucis (Radio Edit 2) (4:43)
6. Southern Cross [Timeless Motion] (Radio Edit 1) (7:57)
7. Southern Cross [Timeless Motion] (Radio Edit 2) (4:33)

... from the album 'Liquid Moon' (2011)
8. Liquid Moon (Radio Edit) (9:57)

... from the album 'Invisible Vortex' (2015)
9. Just Another Dream (Radio Edit) (4:58)
10. Call for Peace [Chill Out Mix] (Radio Edit) (4:58)

Total playing time: 1:04:21

**Limited Release**

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Catalogue Number: RE-1

CD release date: 8 September 2016

Category: Ambient


'Radio Edits 1' brings together a number of edited tracks from two of my best known space ambient albums... 'Southern Cross' and 'Liquid Moon'. It also includes two edited tracks from my #1 album (One World Music Radio)... 'Invisible Vortex'.

This album was originally compiled for broadcast and podcast purposes.

All the tracks on 'Radio Edits 1' edited and remastered in September 2016.

Photography and graphics by Jim Ottaway.

Additional notes:

'Radio Edits 1' was featured as the Album of the Week (Album der Woche) on Germany's Modul303 internet radio station during 11-17 September 2016 (Week 37).

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