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Liquid Moon

1. Liquid Moon (29:11)

Four Phases of the Moon
2. Part 1 (New Moon) (4:13)
3. Part 2 (First Quarter) (4:50)
4. Part 3 (Full Moon) (7:56)
5. Part 4 (Third Quarter) (5:06)

Lunar Sunrise (The Light Side of the Moon)
6. Part 1 (Dawn) (7:11)
7. Part 2 (Sunrise) (8:11)

8. Pink Light from the Moon (5:20)
9. A Comet’s Journey Past Many Moons (4:44)

Total playing time: 1:16:43

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Media: CD-R

Catalogue Number: M-8

CD release date: 2011

International release date: January 2016

Category: Space Ambient

Production note:
An earlier mix of Track 8 'Pink Light from the Moon' appears on my album 'Lightwaves' with the original title 'Pink Light'.

Original album notes:
Back cover painting by Lorraine Murray (email:

Additional note:
The new album cover includes the note: Photography by Jim Ottaway.

'Liquid Moon' debuted at #85 on the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Chart in March 2016 and moved up to #80 in April 2016. 'Liquid Moon' re-entered the chart at #70 on the December 2016 chart. The album once again re-entered the chart at #76 in the October 2017 chart.

Original album cover:
Liquid Moon - original

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