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Light Dawns

1. Light Dawns (5:46)

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Media: Digital

Catalogue Number: VA-13

Album release date (Bandcamp): 9 December 2023

Category: Electronic/Ambient


'Light Dawns' is Track 8 on the 11 track various artists compilation album 'Tales From The Oak' compiled by Diana Smethurst (Gypsy Witch).

All profits from this track and the album go directly to Future Trees ( Supporting this track and the album you can contribute to tree health and longevity. Trees are the lungs of the world, help us all to breathe easier!

'Light Dawns' composed, performed and produced by Jim Ottaway

Album project management: Diana Smethurst (Gypsy Witch).

Album art: Diana Smethurst.

Album mastering: Dr. Mike Metlay.

Additional notes:

Two different mixes of 'Light Dawns' also appear on Jim's album... 'A Promise Of Eternity' released on 26 July 2024.

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