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Listen to tracks from my Zone Music Reporter Awards and One World Music Awards nominated albums... Invisible Vortex and Southern Cross. Enjoy!

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My name is Jim Ottaway and I compose and record original instrumental music, including electronic, space ambient, new age and music for film and television.

The inspiration for my music stems from my love of nature and my spiritual connection to the beautiful environment of the Gold Coast hinterland of Queensland, Australia.

Since 2004 I have released over 25 independent albums in Australia… commencing with my first release 'First Light', a light relaxing ambient album (my most popular release in Australia to date), culminating in my recent albums 'Invisible Vortex' (2015), 'Southern Cross' (2016), 'Timeless e-Motion' (2017) and 'Deep Space Blue' (2017). 'Deep Space Blue' is my eleventh international release. Click here to view my music catalogue and to listen to short sound samples of some of my albums.

In 2017 both 'Southern Cross' and 'Invisible Vortex' received nominations in the Zone Music Reporter Awards and One World Music Awards for music released in 2016.

'Southern Cross' was awarded a Silver Medal at the Global Music Awards in 2016 and 'Invisible Vortex' peaked at #1 on the One World Music Radio Top 100 Chart for two months during 2016. 'Deep Space Blue' was awarded a Silver Medal at the 2017 Global Music Awards.

Since 2010 seventeen of my tracks have been chosen as finalist in various Australian music/songwriting awards. Click here to view my music awards page.

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